Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So Inviting

As I am up to my elbows today in dinosaur invitations, I thought I would share something a little more refined, a lot more romantic and definitely, infinitely, fantastically more beautiful. (Not that I have anything against my dino-mite-invites, they're cute- its just well a girl needs 1) a little romance in her life and 2) something adult in her world of dinosaurs/dominoes/dirty diapers...I digress....) I saw this amazing wedding on Style Me Pretty and dug around for more pictures of the invitations. I love invitations. ( I have also noticed that I say I love a lot of things- and it doesn't take much to get me excited: paper oooh, great tights-ahh, yummy candy-mmmmmm, beautiful flowers-droooooool-) I think if I would have been born in the Victorian era, I would have been one of those ladies that was always being taken to the "spa" due to over excitement "Quick! She's getting too worked up again! Get rid of those damn flowers and take her back to the spa to rest & re cooperate!" Hmm, now that I think about it, maybe that wouldn't be so bad. Maybe I could use that excuse now to get a massage or a facial or at the very least a pedicure? Again, I digress- its so easy to do though. My poor high school teachers and college professors- always harping on me for my lack of focus and dreadful run-on sentences when I write. Ha! I'm an adult now & despite all of your knuckle wrappings (figuratively, I mean) I still ramble on & can't keep a through-line. Back to the invitations now, really.
The whole wedding had a running theme of keys & locks- which I think is sweet- you have the key to my heart- unlocking a new life together etc.... Here are the save the date cards- the vintage key with tea stained paper on muslin backing. There weren't any pictures, but glued on the back is a torn out page from a wedding manual. It is so charming. That is what I want to get in the mail.

Then the tags have all of the information for the up & coming event.

Okay, I lied- this is what I want to get in the mail. Imagine going to your mail box & finding a brown craft paper parcel, tied with twine. You wonder what it could be. You open it up to find this- an old second-hand-store-been-in-granny's-garage-too-long-well-worn-love-story. Or so it seems....

The wax seal of the lock holds the book closed. You don't want to ruin such a pretty seal, but you must. You must open the book.

Upon opening, you find that the pages have been hollowed out & that there is a wedding invitation (with RSVP card, directional map, hotel accommodations and the like) nestled inside!!!! I don't say this very often because its seemingly so trendy right now, but swoooooooon!!! IF I was 18 I might OMG myself & you- but I'm not, so I won't. I am in invitation heaven. I think I'm drooling, just a little. Can you even imagine how long it took to make these? How long to track down books de l'amour that had that pretty vintage feeling you wanted with the certain titles that were appropriate? To carve out all of the pages- just the right size to fit the invites? Ahhhhhhhh! (Yes, yes I can!)

Its copper paper plating they used as a pocket and each invite got a little vintage button at the top. Too good, too good. These pictures were from the wedding of photographer Jessica Claire.
And yes, I love it.

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