Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day Tripper (or, I Like Pretty Things & They Usually Just Happen to Come From Anthropologie)

I know what you are thinking. Why are we doing a day tripper to Anthro- right? Or maybe you are just thinking I am the Anthropolgie stalker (which may be true) and I need help (also may be true- and if it is, may I recommend a very healthy session of shopping therapy please?) We aren't just schlupping around the states friends, oh no...we are dressin' up and boarding the next British Airways flight straight to London. Europe's first Anthropologie! (Did the lights just get a little brighter? The sun poke through the clouds? Angels "ahhing" in your ears?) Anthropologie's Regent St. London store opened 2 weeks ago. Delicious. Talk about needing to step it up a notch, our Anthropolgies here look like most very cute stores abroad. I bet their design teams had to work double time to set themselves apart. These pictures don't disappoint. I don't think I need to point out the English humor that is kind of a through line, do I? Lets go....

This is a picture of a life-size narwhal that is hanging out (ha) on the ceiling. It is paper mache. I will stop complaining about the little paper mache project I am working on now. (Will share details & pics next week.) Isn't he cute?

AHHHHH! Can you believe it! Two reasons for my excitement here 1) yes yes yes, that is a living wall in the store, and 2) more importantly- they get 2 floors??!! Its huge!

I like anything green. I like vintagey jewelry. I like this picture.

Of course, you need a window shot because they are ridiculous.

Here are the circles from the inside, can you tell what they are made of yet? Wait for it....

How about now?

Too good! Too good!

I wonder though, how many of those tea bags actually made pots of tea? I'm sure they just dunked them to get the color (or should I write colour) but can you imagine- "Emma, you must just have one more cup of red zinger-drink it for the team-no, you cannot have anymore english breakfast-we need more red zinger!" Or something along the like...I will just put this on my increasingly long list of reasons why I need to get myself back over to England. I don't think the other continent knows that there is a stalker girl over here, just waiting, buying time-not clothes.

Images sadly & obviously are not mine- taken from Facebook.

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