Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Parasaurolophus Party Pom Poms

Back to dinosaur central, these aren't just any ordinary very trendy lately tissue paper pom poms- oh no- these are Parasaurolophus Party Pom Poms! (Say that 3 times really fast. ) I wanted to add some festive flair to the house- these are part of what I am in the midst of making. Here is a quick how-to:

Use 8 sheets of tissue paper and accordion fold at about every inch, inch and a half (I used full sheets of tissue for the large ones and three quarters or so for the smaller ones.

Score each fold with a bone folder or something else that puts in a nice deep crease.

Slide a loop of floral wire to the middle and tighten. Then cut the edges of the tissue- I am doing a triangular cut- but a rounded cut would look more like flowers and be more feminine.

This is the kind of picture I get when I try to use the camera with my left hand. Sorry.

Then peel each individual layer out carefully away from the middle.

Notice ubiquitous cup of coffee. Need more caffeine. More coffee. Stat. Set up IV....

Voila! Fun party poofs! (Parasaurolophus gets tedious to type. That is E's favorite dinosaur, after T-Rex. I had no idea I would be so well versed in dinosaur factoids and lingo...ahhh motherhood.)

Four down and about four million more to go. (Not really, it just feels that way....) They will be hanging in the dining room by some monofilament run through the wire. I'm not even going to say dino-mite. There. See, I didn't.

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