Thursday, November 12, 2009


Happy Birthday Jeanne Jackson!

Do you have that first friend? Not the friend necessarily who has been your friend the longest, but the friend that you call first. The friend that you consult first. The one you tell the best and worst news to first?

That's Jeanne.

Jeanne in one word is my sister.
Jeanne knows the answers to many of my questions before I even ask. She has given me some of the best advice- which I still adhere to, still hear in my head at times, and have passed on to other people so they may hear it too.
She has been there for me when my life couldn't possibly get any brighter to share in my sun- and has been there for me when my life couldn't possibly get any darker to help me find my way out of the shade.
She can always get me riled up for a heated debate. Its hard for either of us to admit to each other that we are wrong. She never ever needs to ask me if we can stay somewhere for just one more drink. She almost always remembers that odd song lyric I can't remember. She never forgets a face.
You are the truest form of a friend. You listen, you share, you love large. I can't, and don't ever want to imagine my life without you.
Thank you for being my sister. I love you.
Happy birthday, your first day on earth day, the day that we celebrate you.

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