Monday, November 23, 2009

No No November

Yard work all day yesterday. Its not that I mind yard work- I actually love it (really I do) its just if you've seen me or spoken to me in the last week, you know I sound like a frog & probably look like one too. I rake the bulk of our leaves into the flower beds to give all of the bulbs and flowers a nice snugly blanket for their long winter's nap. (I still wound up with 17 yard bags filled to the brim with leaves...that is just from the back yard!) As I was raking leaves into the beds, I saw a few friends had taken advantage of our darn near balmy November temperatures here in Chicago and produced a few more flowers for a pretty farewell. This is campanula- my garden is just littered with them. I love their nodding little fairy hats.

A Nasturtium bud, ready to open into yet another flower.

Here is one hanging about one of the large containers.

And another one! It never ceases to amaze me how much I love the color green. All of this brown all around and pow! Green, beautiful green. What an amazing gift this late in the season. It is a week before December & I have flowers blooming?! Maybe this is why I have procrastinated in making any type of Thanksgiving menu.

I am, like my flowers, in denial of the season.
Oh! To those of you who helped me clean my giant forest of a yard thank you, I love you- and to those of you who decided they would rather just play on the tire know who you are...
( because truthfully thats all I really wanted to do) I still love you too .

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