Tuesday, November 24, 2009

White Now

Confession: I have been having an affair. Although a riot of color has always dominated my heart, lately I've been cheating on my colorful ways and my eye has wandered- roved, been practicing a bit of voyeurism if you will on white. Now don't fear, as I mentioned- this is just a small fling that I'm having. Maybe I just need to try a little, get it out of my system...you know what I mean? Don't be afraid, I won't fall into the design pit of all white- its just not in my genetic make up- but a girl can flirt a little, right? I thought today would be a perfect day to start- I heard the "S" word being bandied about by the weather people last night. (Maybe that is the reason I have been feeling so dreadful- freezing one day, almost 70 degrees the next, now talk of snow...letitsnowletitsnowletitsnowwwwwww....) Imagine these on your Thanksgiving or Christmas table with some snow berries or pink peppercorn stems...are you too feeling the allure? Hmmm?

These are from noun: a persons place for things (damn! I wish I thought of that name...too clever!)

Or this pretty bowl from Chez Danisse filled with lady apples or gumdrops or some other confection? Now not to be overlooked, Anthropologie has these fun "knit" candles-

I will admit, my inner child comes out looking at these. Yes, there is that whole hot chocolate want to go sledding feeling, and with candles named the likes of Ralphie, they are just begging for a viewing of The Christmas Story but more importantly, part of me wants to smash these on the ground to see if they really are made of ceramic...is that wrong?

These last two are from Pigeon Toe Ceramics. They have that vintage modern feel I love. I am crazy for the dimples that the containers both have, almost like rejects on purpose. They have tons of fun wares on their site and are very affordable. (Thank you to Uncle Beefy for sharing.)

The dimple is on the left of the vase holding the Billy Balls. (I can't resist saying Billy Balls- you know....)

Kind of dreamy, no? I hope that color won't mind me having a side guy- just for a little while.

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