Monday, November 2, 2009

And They Called It...Pumpkin Love...

Its become a bit of a joke in our family that before Jamie and I started dating I put an ad in the paper reading something along the lines of- "wanted: tall, dark devilishly handsome man with great sense of humor, must love the water and to travel, only those with great pumpkin carving skills need reply." I snapped Jay up in a heartbeat- other women probably wanted him for his pumpkin carving skills too. Come on, you didn't think I was going to let you go without some more pumpkin pictures, did you? These are almost the last- I think pumpkin season officially continues through Thanksgiving. It was a dark and blustery night here in Chicago...a wee bit chilly, but fully equipped with long-underware and a sugar rush we made our way out into Halloween Hobgoblin Heaven...okay these are just pictures of our house, but it sounded better the other way. We have been affectionately dubbed the pumpkin house by our neighborhood- I credit it all to Jamie. (We did have to down-grade a bit from years past- I blame it all on the boys, but it still looked great. Well, I think so- see for yourself....)

There are 2 pumpkins hanging in baskets - I didn't take close-ups of them because, well, I'm short. We keep them all lit until they get too gross or the squirrels nibble their faces away. I do love Halloween. I know that's news to you- but truly, I do. I hope that you had a spook-tacluar night too.
(Oh, incase you were wondering- the pumpkin carved with the 1720 is our address....)

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