Friday, October 30, 2009

C is for Cookie

Sorry for such a late post, but I've been busy busy busy preparing for tomorrow...Halloween! Hooray! This is a quick inside look to what my kitchen looks like at the moment. I have been baking cookies- lots of cookies. I'm up to my scary eyeballs in cookies. (And cookie-cutters.)

I hijacked these from my mother- they were my favorites when I was little. Hi Mom! (I guess the jig is up or the fix is in or whatever cliche' you'd like to insert here...yes, I have these and I'm not giving them back...ever.)

So '70's. I love them.

As I was snapping pictures of already cooled cookies- I hear the demon dog going in for his attack on the unsuspecting cookies. Busted! You wretched beastie! Don't even think about it....

Ezra loves to help ice- I was the same way...I think there is more icing on his face & fingers than on the cookies.

The mostly finished product. Back on the racks to dry.

The end...or mostly the end. I'm taking these to work & I give the rest to our neighbors as a thank you for putting up with us for the year.

Happy weekend & Happy (spooky, scary, dastardly, fiendish, gruesome etc...) Halloween! More pictures of the weekend to follow!

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