Thursday, October 22, 2009

Birthday Girl(s)

I always have made jokes that I was my mother's best birthday present. As a child (okay, as an adult too...) I felt as though my mother and I belonged to a very private, elite secret society comprised of just two members. Us! Speaking just for myself ( I can't say for my mom) I don't mind birthdays (aging on the other hand, kind of stinks). My mother always went the extra mile on our birthday to let me know how special I am to her. Every year as I get older- I like to think a little wiser- I realize how much of who I am today is because of my mom. My creativity, my love for flowers, the need for order, my playfulness, my stubborn streak, wanting to be surrounded by beauty- no matter how small, come from my mom. My mom is my best birthday birthday present.

This picture was taken just before I turned one (and my mom turned...well its not lady-like to mention ages other than your own.) I love that the shirt she is wearing looks like something I might wear now. Her hair wrapped up in an easy going '70's style braid. Toting me around in that enormous backpack. She looks young and pretty and carefree- which when I think back to when I was small-are the perfect descriptives for her. ( I might add silly and energetic and loving as well.) I am so lucky to share this day with her.
Happy Birthday to us Mom- I love you so much.


  1. Becca, I love this picture and remember you and your mother in 1972. I am your mother's friend Cheryl and I am so glad she gave me your blog address! Your writing and pictures are just wonderful. There is talent, beauty, playfulness and love. You show a beautiful creative spirit. I will enjoy checking in on your blog frequently.

  2. Thank you so much Cheryl!! You made my day!



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