Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Put the STY in Style

I once read in the now defunct Domino magazine about a design duo that would conduct an hour long interview with you on the phone and ask a series of questions to determine your personal decorating style. It cost $500.00, so needless to say- I didn't do it. They gave a sampling of the questions that were asked in the magazine like, " what is your favorite smell?" "What was your favorite book as a child and why?" "What kind of music do you like to dance to?..." I was intrigued by their questions- and for you $500.00 not only did you get a mini therapy session, but you also received a 2 word description of your style- created solely for you. They weren't your typicals like "urban chic" or "french country" but more along the line of "classic neopolitan" or "cheeky chic". It was fun- I thought about what my two words might be in my current state of child/dog/husband friendly, always in the need of tidying, perpetual renovating whirlwind? How about - "romper chaos" or "classic messy" perhaps "kiddy freak-show" ? Since then I have tried many design quizzes to see if I can get a reading on what my style handle would be. Here are a few just for you- just for fun. The pictures above are from the hallowed grounds of Anthropolgie. (Even they are trying to label or categorize you!) Enjoy.... The first is from Sproost. It is a love it/ hate it quiz. The second is from the International School of Color and Design. I took this quiz a few times and came up with different answers- none of which really fit me- I thought, but fun none-the-less. Lastly, here is one from IKEA obviously there is a slant on this, as it is sponsored by IKEA, you are not going to find any patchwork quilts or Navajo prints. It is geared for a business, but I think it translates for home too. If nothing else, these are entertaining- and look- the work clock has just ticked a few more moments closer to home.

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  1. How about Parisian Preschool?! Or Bebe Bohemienne!? BTW, you are a blog-producing fool!! LOVING it!



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