Monday, July 9, 2012

This and That

Hello. Its been the strangest, most frenzied, hottest two weeks since we've talked. And at the same time its been the most normal, laid-back, and well, no...still the hottest two weeks.  So much has happened, it makes my head a little woozy.  (And then again on the flip side, it feels like nothing has happened at does that even work?)  

The bulk of it has been this:  I've laughed and loved the free time I've had with the kids. I've cried and carried on a bit like I was one of the kids.  I've felt patriotic, and pathetic.  I've been swimming in a sea of fireflies, and stewing in a pool of my own sweat.  Watering the garden, watering weeds.  (How do they thrive in this weather?!) Running through sprinklers, running after ice-cream trucks, running after Iris... and Avery- I just let run.  Grilling and gazpacho . Marvelousness and moodiness.  Letting it ride, letting it go. (Or at least I'm really trying to....)  Parties and popsicles. Energized and Immobilized.  Sun-screen and sunburn. Fireworks and fizzy drinks.  Well, you know, this and that.  

We no have the central air.  The office is like a sweat lodge.  I keep waiting to see my animal guide- but so far, nothing.  (Unless it was that mosquito, but man, I hope not.)

I didn't do Iris' 13 months.  Took pictures, didn't share.  I'm going to cheat and do them this week.  (Don't tell anyone else, okay?)

And weddings.  The picture above is of one from June.  I don't know how Jamie packs everything into one car, but he always does.  (There are 8 bundles of branches strapped to the top of the truck too!) More to come, more to come.

Gratefully, there is always more to come. (More of this and more of that.)


  1. Is this heat everywhere? Yuck. We have the central air so neighbors keep dropping by unexpectedly, I'd like to think it's because we're awesome people. Weeds thrive in anything unfortunately.

    1. (Its because your awesome people!)

  2. What a beautiful carload of flowers. Just love the colors. Sounds like summer is full swing. Love it!

    1. Thank you!
      You are a peach. I actually thought of you when I "picked" this picture. :)

  3. Mosquito animal guide! Between that and your (allegedly missing) joke about Iris being made in a hothouse, your posts have given me some good laughs tonight, Miss Becca.

    1. Apple love!!!
      I will be the first to admit, I have simply a base, raunchy sense of humor...I'm so glad you approve- and get it! :) (I thought for sure someone would say something about the hothouse- (or the c-word joke) I'm so glad it was you!)
      I have visions of you with hibiscus tucked in your long flowing hair, walking barefoot carrying a strong & refreshing drink in a coconut shell...I hope I'm accurate!
      Glad I could make you laugh!!!



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