Monday, June 25, 2012

Flowers in the House Chapter June

Jane has made an open invite to her  "Flowers in the House" of course I happily jump in. My pictures are not so much of the pretty garden varieties, but of the leftover wedding variety. (Am I complaining? Nooooo... but I am reminded a bit of Sense & Sensibility when Willoughby brings sweet Marrianne some flowers- "How beautiful! Theses are not from the hothouse!" "Ah, I see mine is not the first offering, nor the most elegant.  I am afraid I obtained these from an obliging field."  "But I have always preferred wild flowers...."  I, although not from the hot house, am definitely not from my preferred obliging field (small garden) outside my backdoor either...hmmm- next time?) So for today, lisianthus. Can you ever get enough purple?

I thought I should contribute some hydrangea too.  This is "You & Me Together" and I love it.  It starts as green and progresses to periwinkle/lavender/purlplish/bluish and is just yummy.

Ah.  The C word. (Yes, you know the word of which I speak... the word that makes so many girls squirm when they hear it...shhh, say it quietly...carnation.)  I actually believe carnations are on the up swing and these outcasts may be appearing more regularly around the flower world- there are some really beautiful colors coming out, and you can't kill the buggers.  These below however were a big 'ol substitute for what I was supposed to get this weekend (and why there are about 2,000 of them leftover- (cue petulant & pouting Becca) I had to severely edit their role for the wedding.  I'm over it now...mostly.)  So here they are in the dining room, with Ezra's addition of the Velociraptor.  Who am I to interfere with his artistic touch?


Hmmm.  Is this cheating?  My favoritest June flower ever.  Iris is snoozing. Enjoying the laziness and the cool weather of today.  (I know there is some joke to be had here about this flower coming from the hot house or the obliging cabbage patch, I just can't quite put my finger on it.)

Thank you so much Jane.  I love your series.  (And the new friends they have brought!)  To see others lovelies wander yourself over here


  1. The lianthus is stunning and that's one of my favorite color combinations (hmmm? is that funereal also? Never mind). That is a gorgeous hydrangea, must write it down. I find nothing wrong with carnations, they get such a bad rap; I think they always look better next to reptiles. You've got us all beat with your perfect little Iris.

  2. Lovely flowers! And Iris is a sweetheart (with a beautiful name).

  3. I too love a carnation, I'm even getting into the locally grown glads this year.

    Your offerings are lovely. Purple is it for me.

    And Iris? Guess you get the crown for that particular picture.

    xo jane

  4. I love these carnations and the velociraptor :)
    But my favourite is you Iris of course! My daughter´s first babysitter has the same name and she was (she is) a very nice girl.
    I only have one child and her name is Haizea (wind in basque language), but I liked the name of Violeta too.

    1. Violet has always been one of my favorite names for a girl! But with a last name like Blue, I think she would have felt more like a crayola color than a kid. :)

  5. Carnations should definitely be on the up, they're simple and just truly gorgeous, not the mention they last a long while, too!

    I'd love to be Violet Blue but I'm a dreaming Pisces child so maybe that doesn't count :))

  6. All your flowers are lovely. There is never too much purple. The hydrangea is a keeper. I like carnations in their natural color not dyed or sprayed. And your little Iris is the most lovely of all.

  7. I'm on the Carnation band wagon, too. Simple, sweet, and colorful. I love your joke about the c word, too. Nice.



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