Friday, May 11, 2012

Steve & Nikki Part II (Part I Do!)

Day two of the nuptials of my newlyweds! (See day one here.) Now, I have to tell you something...I don't have as many pictures of today as I wanted...everything took me so long to set up, I was running around like a cuckoo bird- and kept reminding Jamie to remind me to take pictures...which he did- but I kept saying things like, "Right after I move this around..." or, "Let me just do this one more thing first...." Which I did, and then it turned into twenty other things I had to do before I started snapping pictures- then the wedding party arrived and I handed out fresh personal flowers, and then I went back to work and then Jay reminded me again to take the darn pictures- and I said, "Let me just..." and he said, "Guests are arriving." And I said, "Crap." Tell me I am not alone here! So these are the few I got, with a promise already from the bride of more to share...when will I ever learn?

I saw these amazing vases somewhere else- and I thought they would be so spectacular with the color palette for the day- so I checked out the prices on the vases, which were no longer available, and were waaay out of our budget if they were- oh well...but I am not one to let things go. I could not get these things out of my head- so I thought we could do them ourselves!  (And when I say we here, I mean Jamie!!!)  Aren't they awesome?  He hand painted 21 of these in horizontal, vertical and (my favorite) chevron stripes.  They turned out perfectly.  (Hi honey, love you....)  He LOVES my ideas in which his involvement is essential.  Really. 

The vases were filled with garden roses, peonies, ranunculus, sweet peas, poppies and fritillaria.  Basic spring goodness.

Their dessert table (which, unfortunately for me, was not filled before I was finished...) was topped off with sweet peas. (Sweet peas for the sweets table, get it?) 


We decorated the (three) mantles with huge apothecary jars with simple stems of french tulips, peony, and snapdragons.

On day two, the guys sported billy balls for boutonnieres.  We will have to wait to see the girls, and the brides fresh bouquet.  (Again, when will I ever learn?)

It was a bee-utiful two days.
Happy weekend!
Happy Mother's Day!

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