Monday, May 7, 2012

Steve & Nikki Part I

It was a perfect day for a wedding. It poured, absolutely poured the whole day & night before, making me a little worried for my bride to be- who was getting married in her parents beautiful backyard- wooded & wonderful- but I did my anti-rain dance, and lo- the skies opened up their cloudy eyes and let the sun shine in. Perfect. 

I planted a couple of urns to designate the "alter" using all of their wedding colors- hot hot pink, yellow and orange. 


 Aren't the woods behind dreamy? I told the father of the bride I thought their backyard was just idyllic, and if they had a stream that ran through it, I might consider moving in. Of course he told me to take about twenty steps into the forest and I would find my stream...I'm moving my things overthere today.


A flower crown for their flower girl- don't you just want to squeeze her?

The boys boutonnieres were made up of ranunculus, and calendula buds, a type of heather, scotch broom and fern.  

For day one, (oh! I forgot to mention, this was a two day affair! Day one- just an intimate party with their immediate family and bridal party, day two- a big 'ol blow out bash. Two day affair....) so, for day one, all of the bridesmaids wore their choice of black, and had bouquets of just yummy spring flowers- the season's first peonies, ranunculus, garden roses and tulips.

(Speaking of tulips, this is a story...the mother & father of the bride planted over 700 (!) tulips last fall for the wedding, which you know, would be BEAUTIFUL- all in hot pink, yellow and orange- all over their back yard- and in any normal season, it would have been beyond spectacular- but this was no ordinary spring, and yes- yes- yes, all of those tulips, save for a handful- bloomed in March.  You can never count on Mother Nature to be on your side and do what you wish.  Never. It was stunning, nevertheless.)

Dah-dah-dah-dum....dah-dah-dah-dum... here she comes.... (See tulips!  Also, behind the bride and groom- beehives- the mother of the bride is a beekeeper- and bees play a major role in day two!  So so sweet.  Did I mention I'm moving my things over there today?)

She glowed.  Her flowers were just filled with spring goodness.  Can you see the size of that peony?  It is a monster.  And it smelled just dreamy.  (As all peonies should...and do.) 

Peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, tulips, sweet pea, bridal wreath, and lily of the valley fill up her bouquet.  

Mmmmm.  Spring goodness indeed.  The day really was, perfect. 

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! That peony is unbelievable. You did an amazing job on this wedding Becca!



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