Monday, April 16, 2012

(Spring) Break on Through to the Other Side

We had plans. Big ones. Ones that included pretty places and pictures, adventures and witty ad-libs and loads of chocolate bunnies.

What we didn't have planned, was boxes of tissue- gallons of ginger ale, and infighting (and yes, sometimes crying) about who was monopolizing the bathroom. (Four flu victims + only 1 bathroom = well, you don't want to know what it equals....)

But that is what we got.

Oh, the best laid plans....

In my head though, I have written to you daily- taken pictures of my rapidly changing garden- I have imagined up some very fine adventures for us, all while doing mountains upon mountains of laundry and tending to the wee ones. (And not so wee one.)

Those chocolate bunnies are still here. Nestled safely, indefinitely in their baskets-marveling at their own longevity. They, if no one else, were delighted by the derailing of our plans.

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