Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Purple, White & a Guest Apperance by Orange

Orange finds its way into the garden only in Spring. I love orange tulips- and they make for some crazy color companions for all of the purple.

These are peony tulips- sports of "Princess Irene". I had tons, and now their numbers seemed to have dwindled to hardly any. Ezra says we need more, and I agree. He also says we need pink, yellow and red tulips- but as I am a color control freak, I told him maybe we could plant some of those (minus the red- but don't tell him) in the front yard next year. Does that make me a bad mom? (Or just a neurotic gardener?)

I have been putting down color- coated golf tees in places where there are holes that need filling in the garden beds- so when it comes time to plant bulbs in the fall, I hopefully will be ready. Hopefully.

These are "Tacoma" tulips- and I think they are like something out of a meringue dream.

Definitely need more tulips.

Can you ever have enough?

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