Monday, April 30, 2012

Flowers in the House (From Outside the House!)

It is a cloudy, rainy, wet and dismal day in Chicago. To help alleviate this grey day...we bring flowers from outside in!


The mosquitoes say thank you. They loved me. Above and below, a mix of jacob's ladder, geranium, and sweet violets.


Is there any flower more nostalgic than violets? 

 I think violets might be the first flower I fell in love with. Gathering, plucking, scooping them up as a child- making little faery crowns or posies.... 


 Dainty and delicious. 

Star flowers who have made themselves quite at home in my garden...and garden paths...and lawn...and patio....


With faces as sweet as these, how can I possibly complain that they won't stay put? 


Okay, maybe lily of the valley could challenge violets for title of nostalgic flower. My whole house filled up with their heady scent as soon as I brought this little bundle inside. Breath in...breath out...breath it in again for good measure.


Lily of the Valley always makes me think of  "The Age of Innocence" and  Newland's sweet weekly gift of Lily of the Valley to May.  Ahhhh, innocent romance indeed!  ( I think I smell a fresh "Fleurs on Film" coming on!)

Thank you Jane of Small but Charming for letting us in to your house series!  You can be slightly voyeuristic and see other flowers in others houses here...or, you could show us what's in yours!


  1. All your flowers are so very charming! They are also some of my very favorites. And as my husband would say "hey they are purple, your favorite color".

    1. Thank you! Purple is my absolute fav as far as flowers go. (And my husband often gives the same reply....)

  2. Charming indeed. And beautifully photographed.

    Now I'm off to pick my remaining lily of the valley.

    you make me want to breathe in!

    xo Jane

  3. The most "common" flowers are always the prettiest. Violets are so special. Your star flowers are so sweet and I just LOVE lilly of the valley...but what I really want is the vase they're in.



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