Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Iris Evangelene 8 Months

I can't believe it either. Iris is eight months old today. Princess Drool is sitting up (and pulling herself up) all by herself. No propping necessary. (And that is an attractive string of drool dangling from her mouth, isn't it? I can't even tell you how many times I wiped her face off while we were taking pictures.)

Iris loves her soft & cuddly "guys" (as the other "guys" in my house call them...) a mermaid, a pea pod, and a raccoon are her favorite fellows.

We got her one of those Sophie giraffe teething things this weekend. The jury is still out on how she feels about him. (I really thought she would have her in her mouth more...but as of right now, she just likes to chuck him on the floor & watch me scramble to pick her up again.)

Iris loves bouncing. She loves babbling to the "other baby" she sees in the mirrors. She likes outside. (Who would have thought we'd get to spend so much time outside in January?) Her favorite baby food seems to be pumpkin and banana mash. (Sweet potatoes are a close second....) She tries for the camera (or phone, or remote...) every time she can.

Ezra and I like to sing to her- "Iris Evangelene, prettiest baby girl that we've ever seen..." it usually makes her smile.

We were singing this when I took this last picture, instead of laughing- she burped- long and loud and just as well as either of the boys can. Ah, my little princess.

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