Thursday, February 2, 2012


It started out as just a flicker. A flutter that flew through my thoughts- and soon became an idea that I had to make happen. Here are some pictures of my table from Indie Wed this past weekend- completely filled with friendly butterflies.

Six feet by six feet sounds like such a big space- until you start filling it.
Man, butterflies sure take up a lot of room.

I was actually calling it "Into the Woods" I wanted visitors to feel as if they wandered into an area that had just sort of rooted itself and grown up all around them.

I found out on my journey "Into the Woods" that a pinecone garland takes a really long time to make. Really long. Its joined by a little button mum garland.

I covered the entire table with a delicious tablecloth made of fresh moss. It just feels soft and earthy and all around wonderful. (I even promised a groom that if he was there at the end of the event, I'd let him lay down on it for a quick nap- it really does feel that nice.)

Left to my own devices, I chose my favorite colors- GREEN and PURPLE! (And some white- okay lots of white- which really isn't one of my favorite colors, but I thought it would look pretty never-the-less....)
And a stump. A stump that I saw at the kids park last week that was really large, but conveniently hollowish. I made Jamie go down to the park the night before the show & steal it. (Is steal the right word? Can you steal a tree stump? ) He cut into it and it cracked graciously in half for my use.

And lo, what is this that I spy? I got lost in the woods and came out with some business cards. (Can I use that "I don't know how much time had gone by in the enchanted forest" bit about why I haven't had cards for so long? Hmmm? No? )

I thought I'd give it a try.

Inspiration for the butterflies came from here...via here- thank you so much!


  1. Stunning Becca! You are soooo talented!

  2. Thank you! Look who's talking!

  3. Nicky Mullins Thursday, Feburary 17 2012
    So very nice, but how do you make the butterflies, they are my email address is

  4. Gosh how great! The second pic looks like fresh spring love, you are so creative Becca!

  5. Curious, what are the butterflies attached to/ hanging on? Is it a sheer cloth, plexi glass, clear shower curtain or something else?

    Steve, slang46188



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