Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Traditional Scene

We took the wee ones to see the Christmas lights at Lincoln Park Zoo. Chilly? Just a bit. Crowded? A little. Parking a headache? Definitely. Garish lights? Beautifully so. Worth it? Yes...a dozen times over.

I don't know what it is about having so many different lights on, in so many different colors turned on (or turned off and on and off) at the same time, but it was completely enchanting. (Coming from a girl who tends to the all white color scheme when it comes to Christmas lights.)

The boys were entranced from the very first sparkle of light that they could see- Iris's eyes glimmered widely as she peeked out from her wrappings.

We wandered and wondered- watching lights twinkle, wishing a Merry Christmas to people and penguins alike, enjoying the sites, enjoying the city, enjoying the season, enjoying popcorn, enjoying each other.

As we loaded ourselves back in to the car, Ezra asked if we could do the zoo lights every year, if we could make this a new tradition. I smiled, remembering for a flash the things I loved to do, and wanted to do repeatedly at Christmastime as a child. That I still like to do. I guess we have a new one to dream about now, and look forward to for next year.
Information on the Zoolights here.

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