Monday, December 12, 2011

Hats, Hellos & Ho Ho Ho's

I wish I could tell you that this is a beautiful forest of Christmas trees, private and magical, secret and secluded- just waiting for us to come and find the perfect fit, to forage and fall in love with "the" tree. In actuality, its in a parking lot. At a Harley Davidson dealer. On a very busy street. Why do we go there, you ask? Its tradition. They have the freshest, most beautiful trees. It is a father, his son, and his daughters that come down in their truck- filled with trees. After well over a decade of buying from them, (and outfitting us for at least 4 different residences) and them watching our family grow- and hearing of their doings throughout the year- its more like stopping in for a visit then a business transaction.

Iris' first tree foray.

After wandering around for a while- and the boys scooping up what little snow there was on the ground to chuck snowballs at each other (we must cut more snowflakes!) The boys ask which tree is going to come home with us. Jamie knows the answer to this.

Whichever one your mother picks. Its true. Unfortunately, I sort of have that whole "eyes larger than my stomach" thing going on except its "tree larger than our house can hold." Oh well, that is why we have clippers. And loppers. And saws. Right?

The chosen one.
The boys think that Elissa needs their help. She is running the show this year. SHE hefts all of the trees on top of all of the cars and ties them down so they don't shift an inch on the drive home. She is amazing. (And ridiculously good with a chainsaw...she earned all of the boys respect very quickly....) Nevertheless, Ezra and Avery thought she might need some help bringing the tree over to the truck. (Who said chivalry was dead? And Jamie did put the tree up on the truck for her, not that she needed the help- but after doing it all day long, I'm sure its nice when somebody does it for you.)

And away we went. And the tree didn't move an inch. And when we got home it needed about another foot and a half cut off the bottom. After the foot Elissa took off. Uh-oh. Ho. Ho. Ho....

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