Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One Last Day of October

***Warning! The next series of pictures contain nothing but general Halloween goodness- do not continue to read if costume clad children and plentiful piles 'o pumpkins do not bring the slightest smile or nugget of nostalgia to you. Just sayin'.***
Halloween is a big deal at our house. Depending on who you speak to, it ranks just above Christmas (one puts it just below...but he is two- and now that he has a sack full of candy, well that ranking may change. I didn't ask the baby, but I think she will fall in line with the rest of us.) Here they are, before dark- before the tricks-or-treats, before blankets and warm apple cider and one final viewing of "Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown".

Avery is french fries (so appropriate) and Ezra is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Avery could eat his weight in fries. I think he might have. I have to admit, I did not make this costume, I bought it (a first!) for Ezra when he was two. What is it about two year olds and fries?

I remember having this conversation with Ezra while talking to a friend on the phone in JUNE, yes JUNE.... "Mama, I need to talk to you." "Honey, I'm on the phone, can it wait?" "No it cannot wait, it is very very important." "Okay, could you hold on please? " (That last bit was to my friend on the phone.) "What is it Ez?" "I have decided that I simply cannot be a Velociraptor for Halloween. The Velociraptor has at least 4 different calls that it makes, and I can only do one of them well enough to be a Velociraptor. Therefore, I have decided I will be a T-Rex instead. Definitely a T-Rex." "Are you done?" "Yes. That is all." And he takes off. It was very important. I told you, Halloween is a very big deal in our house, regardless of the month. Here he is, my paper mache monster.

Just in case you couldn't tell from any of the previous pictures- Ezra's eyes glowed. (I installed little LED lights to make him extra T-Rex-terrifying.)

Oh the smell of a freshly opened bag of Halloween candy! Is there another smell quite so tantalizing? I remember "swapping" candy with my little brother after a full night of trick-or-treating, laying our haul out on the coffee table, organizing candy into groups..."I will trade you 5 Sue Bee Honey's for one Snickers...this offer is really really good, and it will only last for the next 10 seconds." Its cruel what an older sibling will do for chocolate.

Ah! The pumpkins! Hello friends! Its so good to have you back again!

Jamie gutted and carved all of the pumpkins himself this year. We actually did a few less than past years, because we are just a wee bit busier. I didn't think anyone would notice- but sure enough, one of our neighbors asked if we went a little light on the pumpkins! (Doh!)

We'll make up for it next year. Ezra has already planned out his next costume.

To me, there are few sights more satisfying than a house glowing in pumpkin light.

And now, all of the pumpkin lights are out...until next Halloween.

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