Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Iris Evangelene 5 Months

Iris is five months old today. Someone at the grocery store asked me how old the baby was, and I couldn't believe my answer was five months.

Iris has really started saying consonants clearly. B-b-b-bah bah bah...L-l-l- la la la...D-d-d da da da...Jamie is certain that she knowingly is saying dada. If it were M-m-m ma ma ma she was saying though, he would change his tune and say it was just baby jibber-jabber, which it is. Iris likes to hum while she is eating. She has started following food that we eat with her eyes- particularly ice cream.

She is teething and everything is soaked through with her massive floods of drool. We can't keep up with changing bibs out. Anything in her mouth is merely an elastic chew toy to pull on as often and as hard as she wishes to help soothe her gums. (Ouch for her, and for me!)

She has the best chunky monkey baby legs that are a source of never ending amusement for her- and us. She has just discovered she can grab on to her toes and that that gives her just the right shape to roll. Her ribs are ticklish. Her hair is so soft (what she has of it....) To know her is to kiss her. General baby goodness- a whole five months full.

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