Friday, October 7, 2011

Jason & Katie Part III

After our first meeting, I had this idea that I wanted to find Jason and Katie this prop for their favor table- I was absolutely Captain Ahab about finding a card catalog to fill with flowers. Easier said than done. My white whale was so elusive- or crazy expensive- that I tried to put it out of my mind and come up with something equally as fun & suitable. Once I get fixated on an idea though, it is so hard for me to give up on it...(Poor Jamie and all of my fixations! There isn't time in the day to tell you all of the things I have made that man create for me because I couldn't compromise what I was "seeing" in my head....) Lo and behold, when I had really given up most of my hope and had started crafting something else, this lovely popped up on Craigslist! In the town next to me! The week of the wedding! It was meant to be....

(Never mind that the DAY AFTER the wedding, we pull into my mother's driveway and there is an adorable card catalog on the curb across the street... it just figures! I picked that one up too- you never know when you will need another card catalog....)

Below the whole drawer is filled with big beautiful Thai basil, let me tell you it smelled amazing. (Their favors? Books. Ones they have duplicates or triplicates of that they wanted to share!)

A book "box" filled with flowers.

Instead of a guest book, Katie & Jason made up note cards that had beginnings of a sentence for you to complete for them- "Always remember to...", "We wish you..." and (my favorite) "If bitten by a vampire..."

A table to remember all of their loved ones who are no longer with us-

And of course...

I hope my new Mr. & Mrs. have themselves a proper fairytale together and live happily ever after.

The end!

Happy weekend!

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