Monday, October 3, 2011

Jason & Katie Part I (Chapter 1)

It was love at first sight. Well, love at first meet. Noooo, I don't know about the couple and how they fell in love...I mean me and the couple and how I fell just head over heels with them at our first meeting. I really did. I remember being so excited after our initial meeting that I called Jamie as soon as I got in the car telling him how I couldn't wait for this wedding. (And hoping that they would hire me!) Not only were Jason & Katie the dolliest couple, they weren't just celebrating their love for each other at their wedding, they were celebrating their mutual love for BOOKS! (I know!) Everything was referenced in some way to books.

All of the boys wore miniature Shakespeare. (Groom got Romeo & Juliet...of course!) I asked all of his groomsmen if they were feeling comedy or tragedyish and that is how I decided who got which book. (Most of them thought I was on crack, but its those little ways I entertain myself...sad really.....)

Their wedding colors? Dreamy! Dark purples, aubergine, black and chartreuse. (I told you we were made for each other!) The best dahlias- huge and delicious. Hydrangeas, garden roses, orchids, astrantia, lisianthus and calla lily are in all of the bouquets.

Katie looked like she had just stepped out of a classic romance novel. You'll have to wait for full pictures though...I have again been promised some. (And after seeing the ones from last week, I'm not embarrassing myself anymore with my stinky shots of brides!)

Patience is a virtue. I read that somewhere.

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