Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fernando & Tara

Wedding flowers for a small intimate affair over last weekend. Tara, the bride wanted bright jewel tones to show off the white of her dress and to compliment the orange that her bridesmaids were wearing. I said red and dark pink garden roses, hot pink peonies and bright pink ranunculus would do just the trick.

When Tara and I first started talking about her wedding, she was worried that people kept asking her what was her "theme"...she didn't have one. I told her she didn't need one, pretty would be her theme. However, after a few months, she called and told me that feathers kept popping up all over her planned day. Well, I guess she found a theme after all. Although we decided against feathers in her bouquet, we thought they would be fun in the boys boutonnieres.

Then I saw a picture of these Australian Ferns and they were so pretty and completely reminded me of feathers (don't you think?) So I put those in the bouquet just to suggest the idea....

Kind of like a plume in the bloom I think.

My mother really liked these and I know this because when she saw them she called me Rebecca- which she never does, unless I'm in reaaaaallly really big trouble or if I do something she loves. She tried to steal them, I told her that just wouldn't be right.

Congratulations Tara and Fernando! Thank you both for letting me play a small part in your day! (Send me some pictures of you okay?)

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