Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Con in Construction...

Time. We are just never on the right side of time. Tick tick tick... Jamie and I can hear the clock counting down on us, and things just move so darn slowly. Set backs, complications, two million plus old nails that had to be pulled out one by one, and that real job work stuff just continue to get in the way.

The bedroom is completely "demo-ed" and now its ready to be re-framed out. If you can look past all of the bare walls, you can see possibility. A bigger, more open space- with windows that fill the room with light. (Two of the windows were hidden in the odd closets, now they are completely well, exposed and its so nice.

And the ceiling that we are pushing upward...well I am in love.

Jamie had "issues" taking down the old ceiling- rotten joists, and support beams that didn't even run across the entire length of the room. We are both grateful that the ceiling never came down on us. The entire thing had to be taken down in 2 foot sections- which basically meant another whole day of work that was only supposed to take a couple of hours...I'm just lucky I have that whole pregnant excuse and can't be around to help, or hinder.

Hopefully, Jay can frame out the new space and re-run all of the electric on Saturday so drywalling can begin next week. (Yes, I will take this moment to say my man is just one of those Jamie's-of-all-trades...lucky am I, or maybe right now he is feeling unlucky that we couldn't just hire somebody to do the whole thing for us...but at any rate, aside from a few rounds of, "I can't live like this anymore!" Things are progressing- slower than we imagined- but progressing and I think he finds doing this all gratifying...right honey?)

I am in love with the new view skywards though....

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