Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Resolve... Disolve...Revolve...

After having mentioned how terrible I am at keeping resolutions, I found these pretties- and although they aren't my resolutions- I can appreciate them...and maybe adopt them into my everyday.

(I dare not say I resolve to....)

More great images and resolutions here, via here thank you!

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  1. Here's yet another reason learning to knit can improve your life! It makes you show up early to EVERYTHING....just because you know you will get a few stitches done on that sock or mitten in your purse. On the other hand, as you are busy cursing at the stitches that are refusing to line up properly on your needles, you may fail to see the extraordinary things happening around you.

    Thanks for sharing your non-resolutions. Mine are to knit for other people this year. Last year was the year of Sweaters for Me, and the girls stole them all. So this year, if I knit for others, maybe I'll have something to show for it by next winter:)




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