Monday, December 13, 2010


This morning I was treated to the loveliest dance performed by Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal. They started out together on my neighbor's lilac bush, twirled about onto the fence post, and then he lead her gracefully into a waltz that flitted about all the spent seed-pods in my garden. For a moment I thought I saw them strap on some ice-skates and do a quick turn on the frozen bird bath, but that was just my imagination. Finally he snapped a berry off a bush, gave it to his lady love & flew off to the next yard. She blushed slightly at his gesture & just sat upon a hydrangea head for a moment- looking content- and then dashed off to rejoin her man.

I do enjoy cardinals in the winter time. That splash of red he gives off against all of the white around here is very refreshing. (She is very lovely too...don't get me wrong...he is just more showy is all....) This pretty print by Mincing Mockingbird is called In the Beginning We Called it Love and I thought it quite appropriate since my bird photography skills just aren't quite up to snuff. Ezra asked what the two cardinals were doing when he saw me looking out the window and I replied, "Dancing." He seemed unimpressed with my answer but liked that whatever they were doing, they were doing it together. I told him that they were married and he asked who married them- I said maybe an old owl, or perhaps a friendly neighborhood chipmunk...he seemed more impressed with that answer.

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