Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Robot HQ

They finally went out in the mail...robot invites...hooray! I pushed Ezra's party back a couple weeks due to too much going on until the weekend of Thanksgiving (because it will be sooo much less stressful then, right???) But here they are and I think they turned out pretty cute. (Or very robot-y if you are talking to a 5 year old, not cute.)

Inside in a very old-school sort of robotish font, all of the "coordinates" are given with an invite to humanoid parents as well and a "Danger Will Robinson" RSVP.

Phase I of robot mission completed.

(Ezra just informed me that his ahem, "friends" Joly & Currie are also celebrating their birthday Thanksgiving weekend and that we will need to make extra decorations and party hats just for them. Joly & Currie are E's invisible alien friends that moved in with us after Avery was born. They are from Jupiter. They are about 3" tall. They are here are work study. Hmmm. Extra?!?)

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