Monday, November 15, 2010

Lady Gaga

First, I owe you an apology. I can't believe I've been gone a whole week. It started with being tired from E's family party, then it was our neighbor's tree that fell down and took my precious DSL line with it, then it was strep throat and ear infections for all the boys here at the Blue house. It was really kind of a stinky week last week, and most of all- I missed you- and felt like most of the week I was forgetting something, or that a part of me was missing...and it was. It reminded me of Iona in Pretty in Pink, (if you have been reading here long enough, you know I equate just about everything in life to a movie quote- art imitating life, or life imitating art? If you are new here, well...I equate just about everything to a movie quote....) when she is talking about her friend who didn't go to prom-"A girlfriend of mine didn't go to hers. Once and a while she gets a terrible feeling, like something is missing. She checks her purse and her keys, she counts her kids, she goes crazy and then she realizes that nothing is missing. Its just side effects from skipping her prom." Same thing for me, except blogging, not prom. You know what I mean? No, well sum it up to say I missed you.
On to business- have you seen the deeeelicious November Anthropologie catalog? I am absolutely gaga for it. It is part Victorian clip art, part animal fantasy, with a little Alice in Wonderland thrown in for good measure- and entirely completely whimsically wonderful. (And covet-able! Note jacket below.)

Life is but a dream when you are completely decked out in Anthro wear....

Butterfly surprise, oh my! (and amongst the winged beauties is that sweater- I drool, just a little....)

Who wouldn't want a tea party with this pretty puppy? (Or maybe its a champagne brunch? I'll have just one more glass please, thank you.)

I know that there is a joke in here somewhere about these being anything but UGGly, but I'm just not sure what it is. Nevertheless, I love this picture. And the boots.

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