Friday, November 19, 2010

Little Lady

I have a little Japanese Maple in my front garden. It is the smallest tree that we have, and the only one that we have that hasn't dropped it's leaves. All of these big oak and maples that fill my yard stand naked, and here is my littlest tree with leaves that seem to get even more and more vibrantly red everyday.

I usually think of Japanese Maples as ladies. They are so delicate and sweet, gracefully bowing to you as you walk by. Mine looks like its got leaves for petticoats, just waiting to be taken somewhere before winter sets in. I guess some do look like little old men, all wizened and bent, moving too slowly to cross the street by themselves- but eager to give advice to anyone who will take the time to just stop and listen.

If only all the leaves in my yard that have piled up were this delicate, I wonder if I would mind raking them as much?

Happy weekend!

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