Monday, October 25, 2010

Dining Room: Dust & Decisions...

We have started to dismantle the dining room for its mini-make-over. We (and when I say we here, I mean Jay) took all of the window casings and door casings down...creating an enormous mess which we still need to clean up. (And when I say we here, I mean me.) The woodwork was all original to the house but had been painted at least a million times, and not saying which dog, but at some point during their puppy-dom, a certain doggy decided to cut his teeth on the sills. They really did need to go. New wood is going in this weekend, and in the interim, I'm working on paint colors.

The room is already blue- I just want to perk it up a bit. We are also adding wainscoting around the whole room, just to give it a more intimate feel- so I want to do 2 blues- 1 for the walls & wainscoting, and one for the trim. Here are the front runners. (All from Martha Stewart's Home Depot line....)
This is Waterfall & Tidewater, but I think Tidewater might be a bit too gray.

Then there is Sunken Pool & Sea Glass. (Do you notice a theme?) I really liked these two until my mother in law (whom I love incidentally) told me they both reminded her of hospital scrubs. Hmmm.

Finally here is Enamelware & Aegean Blue. Enamelware is ridiculously close to the color that is currently on the wall (Martha Stewart for Sears....) but just a pinch lighter. I like them all. What do you think?

I have my eyes on these curtains. I know they are a little busy, but I think they could be really good in the room. Decisions decisions!
Top image from here, thank you. All paint swatches from Home Depot. Curtains from here, of course!


  1. Not sure about the paint color but love the curtins.

  2. Definitely the "sea glass"(I found a piece once while snorkeling in a tidal pool and it's one of my favorite possessions). The paint color has a pleasantly murky quality to it, much like it's name suggests.

  3. Becca, I love the first one "waterfall" Just remember that blue can make a room feel cold, so be sure that it has lots of light and is accented with "warm" things - golden pillows, browns/tans that accompany those awesome curtains. HAVE FUN! I love redecorating!

  4. Thank you! The dining room is already blue- so like I said, its a mini-makeover. It just needs a bit o polishing!



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