Friday, October 22, 2010

2 on the 22

It is October 22, 2010. Today is my birthday. I was born in 1971. For those of you who lack math skills, much like me-I will make this easy for I turn, ahem... 39. Thirty nine! How the heck did I get here? I remember last year I turned 38 and I know that 39 comes after 38...but I still can't help but wonder....I was born 39 years ago today on my mother's 25th birthday. (Which is all the numbers I will give you on her, however I have equipped you with all the right figures if you really wanted to know how young she is today. Its not lady like to speak of other peoples ages.) I have always felt that my mother and I belonged to a very exclusive club of 2. A special bond, if you will, that we will always share.

My mom and me. (Shes the one with the pig-tails...I am the bald one.) This was taken when I was a few months old. How was I to know then that I was born to a woman that would love me to no end? That a bond between a mother and her daughter only grows with time and age. The things that you used to think were silly and strange as a youth are things you emulate with pride later in life because your mother taught you how. Words that you swore would never come out of your mouth as a parent, because they were your mothers words, now come tumbling out as some faint eerie echo laughing at you from your past. Traits that people associate with you are ones that came handed directly down from her. There are phrases, looks, traditions, jokes that I can see in my minds eye as a child-my mother doing or saying, that are now me, slightly morphed or modernized, nevertheless they ring true of my mother right through me. So much of who I am has come from my mom- and I am sure you can say the same about you and your mom. I am always reminded today how lucky I am, not just to have another year to celebrate life, but to have another day with my mother. So happy birthday to us mom...I hope there are so many more to come for our little party of two.
And to all of you happy weekend! (Eat some cake for me!)


  1. Happy Birthday Becca and Sally!!!I thought of you yesterday, but didn't get online. Hope you both enjoyed YOUR day and I know Sally is getting to take Ezra to Celtic Thunder...I am jealous! I haven't seen them yet.
    Love, Cheryl

  2. Happy Birthday to you my dear daughter. Thank you for being my most special treasure.You are more than I ever dreamed. Love, Mom



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