Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An Apple (or Twenty) a Day...

Over the weekend, we drove up to Michigan and did ourselves some apple picking. This was the first apple I picked- it was perfect- huge, no blemishes, just perfect. After I picked it, I showed it to Jamie so he too could appreciate its beauty. He appreciated it by shoving it into his mouth. "That was my perfect apple, my first pick...I can't believe you- you-" "Ate it? Isn't that why we are here?" Darn him and his logic. Still, I felt a twinge of guilt as I watched him polish it off and go hunting for another. At least I got a picture.

It was a beautiful day and we played and ate our way throughout the orchard.

Us (well, mostly) on the hayride out to the orchard.

I think Avery actually ate his weight in apples.

I am always a little in awe by the shape and size of apple trees- all twisted and bent- how they produce and hold the amount of fruit that they do is amazing.

This is one really long skinny branch hanging down- almost to the ground- from the weight of its fruit.

The forest past the orchard....

It didn't take long for our apple bucket to go from this-

to this-

to being nearly filled up-

and then barely able to close up. We picked (and ate) a bounty of apples with names we had heard of - and a few varieties which we weren't certain of, but certain they were delicious.

It was a beautiful day. The people at the orchard are just as great as their produce. Here is our haul, a Tree-Mendus bag filled with days worth of snacks, pies, crumbles and who knows what else.

I bet Jamie never thought his backside would be on the internet. That's what you get for eating my apple.

Orchard information here.

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