Friday, October 1, 2010

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Hello October, I've missed you.

I've mentioned before, my affinity for this month- the month where everything changes. This month haunts me (in usually the most pleasant way) throughout the year, always promising its bittersweet return. I wonder, if the months were people, would October be a bewitchingly beautiful woman with amazingly lush yet unkempt russet gold hair that tumbled down her back? She would wear long flowing dresses spun of spider silk. She could command the leaves to willingly jump off trees with just a hint of a smile and a glance their way.... Or would it be a man whose age you could never be certain of? A man whose skin reminded you slightly of paper but whose twinkling eyes were young and wide and magically clear like the October night sky. He who could and would prank and charmingly trick you into wanting to give up your candy or sweet kisses only to him?

You barely have to begin to ask me what month is my favorite and October will come flying out of my mouth- and my heart. October has the ties to me which no other month could ever have. It is so much more than the changing colors and the crisp smell in the air. It has everything to do with the need to wear a sweater, to light a fire, to consume hot apple cider, to jump in leaves, to amass the mightiest collection of pumpkins, to dress up, to celebrate life- and the delicate fragility of it- and to love. Love. Love. That is just the beginning of what this month means to me- here on its first day. Stay with me and I have so much more to share. I have heard you calling to me- my oldest friend-and now I'm so glad you are hear for a visit.
Hello October, oh how I have missed you.

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