Monday, September 20, 2010

Vincent & Me On a Monday

Something cheery to start out the week. I've never really been drawn to sunflowers- but these had those enormous lime green centers- and that was enough for me...hook, line & sinker. Do you have that one color you just can't resist? You don't care that the plate or sweater or bunny rabbit figurine is kind of not your style, or maybe a little gaudy because its ______ (insert you own color crave/color of unhealthy obsession.) ? You must have it anyway? Green. I lean towards the lime-y-celadon- apple side of greens. I am the Blue who prefers green. (Actually, Jay likes orange and Ezra likes red...I'm not sure what Avery likes- although he was eating a purple colored crayon yesterday and seemed to really enjoy it....) Back to the sunflowers though, aren't they just fantastic?

There is also asclepias, rudbeckia and amaranth mixed in with the sunflowers.

Very autumnal, no? I love that word. Autumnal. I think I might say it again.

Autumnal. Sorry. I'm done now. (Autumnal. Okay, now I really am done. Say it though, its kind of a nice word to say....)

I dare you not to feel happier after looking at this big beauty.

(Especially the lime green center!)

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