Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A is For (the) Outstanding Anthropologist

I am fascinated by artist Jim Denevan. Pictured below, is the Anthropologie sponsored art installation done by him earlier this year on Siberia's frozen Lake Baikal. (The worlds oldest & deepest lake....) With this colossus measuring nine square miles, he broke his previous world record for largest piece of art. How much hot chocolate do you think he went through while making his circles?

Other of his images from around the globe....

On September 11th, Anthropologie's Chelsea Market location was treated to a night of his art for Fashion's Night Out. He put his Sharpie's on 100 lucky customers tote bags, giving them each a personalized, artistic carry-all.
Then he headed out of the store to create a block long collage.

What I really like about Jim Denevan though, is his Outstanding in the Field project. Started in 1998, Jim set out, "To reconnect diners to the land and the origins of their food, and to honor the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it." And so exploded the "big table". The Outstanding in the Field crew team up with local farmers, vintners, cheese makers, olive oil producers, bakers and many others and combine their food with the talents of a local celebrated chef. After a tour of the location and getting to meet the producers of the evenings meal, you get to pull up a chair to the longer than long dinner table and are then treated to an amazing feastly feast. They have set up the table on mountains, in fields, in caves by the ocean, and they all seem to be equally gorgeous in their own right.

Half Moon Bay, CA

Munson Farm, Boulder CO

Catskill, NY
How can you not admire and be fascinated by someone whose work calls attention to the beauty of our planet, and celebrates those who respect it? I think its delicious. (Although I don't really know personally, but if you want to find out with me, lets book some tickets and do some traveling! (And eating!) )

Catskill picture from here. Other pictures via here. For a look at Jim creating at Lake Baikal, and for upcoming works of art, check in with The Anthropologist.

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