Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Joseph & Rachel Part I

A very sweet wedding this weekend- all in pinks & purples. Below is a piece for the church. We wanted everything to look as though it had just been freshly picked from an obliging garden or romantic field 'o flowers....

The entire wedding was dipped in the prettiest garden roses. (That smelled deeelisshh!)

Here it is in its home at the church.

We lined the brides aisle with huge white puffy hydrangea housed in purple paper cuffs.

Boutonnieres with some asters, scabiosa and feathery celosia.

The brides bouquet. There is dark purple hydrangea, sedum, asters, scabiosa, dahlia, clematis Sweet Autumn, garden rose Maria Terisa, Romantic Antike and Yves Piaget. (The latter, Rachel could smell as soon as I handed it to her... it really does smell that good.)

The bride and her matron of honor. I always love getting to see the flowers with the brides dress.
I get a little sad too- knowing that another chapter is closing, (and another opening...) that I won't be color scheming with these flowers anymore or getting to visit with this bride or her family...ah, the strange relationship of the florist and her flowers!

Later this week- reception!

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  1. Would it be wrong to say that the sweet little boutonniere is my favorite? I can almost hear it singing, "this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine"



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