Thursday, September 16, 2010

Joseph & Rachel Part Deux (I Do!)

Here they are, all of my little flower friends- all tucked in and ready to be trucked away. (Must include truck pictures, I just love how abundant they all look. And smell. Can you smell abundant?)

After a haul, we hauled our haul into the hall...which really is one of the sweetest reception sites. Little carved out beaches, paddle boats, bike trails, tranquil trees and a rustic wooden lodge. Very idyllic.

Doesn't it look just perfect out the window? (It was the perfect day- not a cloud in the sky, low 80's...really fantastic.)

The arrangements are just loaded with pink and purple goodness. Snapdragons, dahlia, hydrangea, stock, lisianthus, amaranth, scabiosa, sedum, purple Queen Ann's Lace, gomphrena, and roses. Lots and lots and lots of perfect garden roses.

A beautiful aubergine trimmed cake. (Does it sound more sophisticated when I say aubergine? No? Okay- really good dark purple.) I thought it needed just a tiny touch of hydrangea.

Well, come on. You knew they would be here too. My nest for my newly nesting couple.

I hope my lovebirds will always be as happy as they were that day.

One last look at these dahlias. They were just absolute perfection. Really. I took a picture of how massive they were- one flower covers my whole face- maybe I'll show that one later. I love dahlia. I love dahlia. I love dahlia.

A picture of one of the roses- this one is Miranda. It is huge. And it smells like candy of some kind.

One last detail of the day that I had to take a picture of- that I had nothing to do with...really good shoes on the bride.

Petal perfect.

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