Friday, August 6, 2010

Its A Pink Out!

Centerpieces for a "Pink Out" wine dinner benefiting the Chicago branch of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Lots of pink. Lots and lots of pink.

You would think that I would think of the movie Pretty in Pink while I was delivering and setting the flowers up, but I didn't. ( I have no idea why I equate so many things to movies...I just do....) Instead what came to mind was Steel Magnolias. When Julia Roberts character Shelby is talking about her wedding..."My colors are blush and bashful...I have chosen two shades of pink, one is much deeper than the other." Lots and lots of pink...all for a really good cause.

Zinnias, (at last! I love zinnias- such a friendly flower, don't you think?) roses, stock, veronica, gomphrena and celosia make up the little multi- pink bouquets.

I just learned that celosia (common name cockscomb) is a very common leafy green eaten in Nigeria. There they call it "soko yokoto" which means make husbands fat and happy. Who would have thought? I think "soko yokoto" would be a good name for a restaurant. I did not cook Jamie or the boys any of the greens. I snipped them off and put them in the composter so that they could make my garden fat and happy later.

Happy weekend!

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