Thursday, August 5, 2010

For Jamie

Happy Birthday Jamie!

I can honestly say I believe in love at first sight. I was completely and utterly head over heels, sweaty palms, swooning, cuckoo for cocoa puffs over Jamie from the first moment I saw him.
As good looking as he is on the outside, its the inside that seems to naturally draw people to him. Jamie is just one of those people you want to hang out with. Be near. Talk to. He has a knack for talking to people- and getting them to feel at ease and to talk to him. He is amazingly laid back. He loves to argue. He is a guy's guy but can out-shop this girl hands down everyday of the week. He is gentle. He is a master-mind at crosswords, Scrabble and Sudoku. He can fix anything. Car, bike, window sill, toilet, squeaky thing that isn't supposed to squeak, computer- no problem. He builds amazing furniture. He has an uncanny eye for detail. He is exceptionally fluent in that foreign language that I just can't seem to get called math. He is the calm to my mania. He is a superhero to two little Blues. He makes me laugh. He believes in me. He has a nearly bottomless stomach and an almost insatiable sweet-tooth. He has learned to include coffee as one of the basic food groups. He has the thickest hair and the longest eyelashes. (Why are they always wasted on boys?) He carves the best pumpkins. He holds my hand for no reason. He loves color. He is still a kid at heart. He likes just hanging around as much as going out on the town. He can still with a glance at times make me blush and my heart serge. Love at first sight, many years later.
Sometimes I find myself watching Jamie as he is working or playing with our boys and I really do ask myself how did I get so lucky? Like that song from The Sound of Music where Maria and Captain Von Trapp confess to themselves and to each other that they are in love... "Nothing comes from nothing and nothing ever could, but somewhere in my youth, or childhood- I must have done something good...." Whatever either of us may have done or whatever force brought us together, I am so eternally grateful. I am so blessed to have you. That you love me. That I get to go through every day with you by my side, holding my hand. You are my best friend. And I know you know (and now so does everyone else...) but I love you. So very much.
Happy birthday, your first day on earth day, the day that we celebrate you Jamie Blue. Make really big wishes. Eat your chocolate on chocolate cake. Here's to so many more.

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  1. kathrynblue@msn.comThursday, August 05, 2010

    Hi Becca,

    A friend sent me a link to your blog wondering if we could possibly be related. Imagine my joy when I discovered your post today was for my Nephew. As I scrolled through your posts from the beginning, I was in awe of your talent, creativity, and love of all things family. If I could have placed an order for the perfect wife, family and life for my sweet Jamie Lee it would be exactly as I see it here through your eyes.

    Will you please pass this note on to Jamie?

    A Native American Birthday Blessing for Jamie

    May your spirit
    soar gracefully
    on the whispering breeze.
    May your joy
    run strong
    as the deepest seas.
    May your soul
    reach out
    to embrace the sky.
    May your heart
    guide you truly
    as the years go by.
    May the Warm Winds of Heaven
    Blow softly upon your house.
    May the Great Spirit
    Bless all who enter there.
    May your Mocassins
    Make happy tracks
    in many snows,
    and may the Rainbow
    Always touch your shoulder.

    I understand your reluctance to contact your Dad's side of the family as I am sure you have many years of resentment to overcome but I want you to know that you have remained on my heart and in my prayers from the day you were born. Grandpa, Great Uncle Jack and Aunt Sue and I live in Phoenix, Uncle John and Aunt Cindy live in California and you have cousins in Illinois, Montana, Florida and Colorado. I have pictures and stories galore to share with you if you decide to take a chance and contact us.

    Love and God's blessings on your special day and always,
    Aunt Kathy



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