Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Bee & The Balm

I love Monarda. My garden is just dirty with it. I do however prefer the common name- Bee Balm! Say it again, Bee Balm! It's just fun to say. (Bee Balm...see, you couldn't resist- I know....)

Above, before its opened, below after its opened. I have mostly purple varieties, but this magenta color has wound its way 'round most of the garden.

Its a very tall variety, it smells great (Bee Balm just has this smell- distinctive in that you know what it is the moment you smell it, but non-distinct because it smells like so many different things all at once...) and is usually teeming with bumblebees, butterflies and the occasional special visitor...do you see him there, right in the middle?

Its a hummingbird bee- well, technically, its a moth- but I was always told it was called the hummingbird bee, so that is what I am sticking with. I think he looks like a flying shrimp. I always get so darn excited when I see them in my garden. ( I told you I love bugs! Outside preferably.)

I like the picture above because you can actually see his wing pattern- they beat so fast- thus the hummingbird handle- I'm quick like that. Trying to get pictures of them is tricky, they like to dine & dash- so many flowers, so many gardens to see....

Don't you think it kind of looks like a flying shrimp?

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