Monday, June 14, 2010

Veggie Tales

I wanted to share just a couple more pictures from stylist Lo Bjurulf (and there are more over here too today, which are romantic and dreamy that I thought about using, but darn green green gets me every time!) Never discount fruit and vegetables to give your event the pop of color that you needed. And if it looks as well, delicious as this....

Its a little over the top, but that is why I love it! (I was going to say that I could just eat it, but that would be silly...and a slightly obvious.)

And lo- what is that looking so pretty, so-hmmm what is the word I am looking for... so well behaved perhaps? If only the "Dark Prince" would pose like that for me. Maybe I'm just not giving him the proper settings. (Food for thought?)

Maybe if I'd slip a couple of Valium in that big water bowl?

Images from here. Via bliss. Thank you.

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