Friday, April 30, 2010

May Day (Almost)

I remember the May when I was in first grade. My teacher Mrs. Werneke had us make flowers out of tissue and construction paper. We then fashioned baskets from spent plastic strawberry containers weaving brightly colored paper through them and finishing with handles. We filled them with freshly made popcorn and topped them with our pretty paper flowers. We giggled as a class as we made our way down the hallways, looping the handles of our baskets over other grades doors. We knocked loudly upon them, and then ran away leaving our May Day treats to be discovered. I have since traded in my paper baskets and popcorn for flowers, but still think of Mrs. Werneke every first of May. (Ah, the staying power of a good teacher!)

I have used my favorite flower vessel- the lowly jelly jar- and have filled it with spring finds from my garden. (I wrapped some wire below the lip of the jar and then looped some more for the handle.) I added a bit of ribbon, because it is for May Day and I am not personally doing any Maypole dancing this year.

Lilac, tulip, bleeding heart, jacob's ladder, violet, lily of the valley, and geranium make up my little May Day posy.

Now I have to decide which neighbor's door I am going to hang it on tomorrow- knocking and making my get away laughing....

Happy May Day! Happy weekend!

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