Thursday, April 1, 2010

Final Four

I spent my final four years of "higher education" at Butler University in Indianapolis. Did you know that? I went there to study theater and radio/television production. (I know, I know...I was a teenager, what can I say?) I loved my time at Butler. Now, it is true that at times I longed for a larger, more liberal metropolitan area than "Indianoplace"- but my beautiful, cozy, colorful campus kept me in check. Below, my dormitory for 3 years- Ross Hall, where if you look three windows in from the right hand side of the building you can see my room. Hello room. In visits since I have graduated, I have driven past and wondered if the person living in there now loves that room as much as I did. Are they happy here too? Restless? Excited? Full of energy and passion for life and learning like only a college kid can be? I wonder. If I could go back as an apparition and whisper in their ear to take advantage of every opportunity this school gives them- to laugh harder and more than ever- to listen and learn and love with their eyes wide open, would they? I wonder.

The days I spent lounging, drowning in books and sun on the observatory lawn. I can almost feel the warm breeze and hear the chatter of fellow school mates right now.

And what would they be talking so excitedly about...that our basketball team- our Bulldogs are in the final four. The final four! Playing in Indianapolis! The stage is set for a major upset.

I am so proud of my beautiful little school.

I can't (and I know I'm not alone) help but feel proud. I am also flooded by the memories of my four short years that I got to spend here.

Of course I show pictures of the gardens! I think now how funny it is that if you needed to find me back then I was either in the theater, at the radio station, or in Holcomb Gardens. I also think its funny (now) that I was on a first name basis with Butler's head gardener- always talking to Paul about what bulbs he was excited to plant in the fall or what new plants he would try out in the spring. Hmmmm.

Now that so many years have passed, I am just as proud as if I was still a student there. No matter what may happen on Saturday, my little school is playing the big boys. The little school that could. Change the I think we could to I know we can.

(Go Dogs!)

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