Monday, April 26, 2010

Field of Dreams

Its a treat today- well, I think a treat today. I received the sweetest email from a high school friend (which by the way, I got the news that a very big reunion for my high school is this summer. By big, I mean the number- like a big number of years have gone by since I've been there, and I ask myself once again...where does the time go? Sigh. I digress....) telling me that her father had planted somewhere around 10,000 tulip bulbs last fall and thought I might like to go out and see them. Did I! Don and Chrys Tiffin live out in Lily Lake (whose name I love- it sounds like a place Anne Shirley might choose to live over Green Gables, or a t the very least decide to act out a bit from The Lady of Shallot...) and when you first turn on to their street, you don't see anything- but then you see a living riot of color, and let me tell you as I told Mr. Tiffin repeatedly- its too good. I took over 40 pictures that day- here are a handful- to what I think is going to have to be a mini-series on what I think my field of dreams would look like.

Bluebells and bleeding hearts and tulips oh my!

I think at one point I actually asked if I could just get in and lay down. Wouldn't you want to?

I think I am drooling really is just too good.

It was ridiculously hard to pick out only a few for today. I didn't want you all to overdose on pretty.

The day that I was there, the rhododendrons were just starting to open themselves up- and there are a ton of them, so I can only imagine what they look like now.

Just dreamy. More from here later this week! (Thank you so much Apple!)


  1. Oh Becca, the pictures are matched in loveliness only by your words. My dad will beside himself. Thank you for the kind gesture! (by the way "riot of color" is a perfect description!)

  2. NOOOOOOOO...thank you Apple for telling me to go out there! Once again, its too good!



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