Monday, February 1, 2010

February = Love

Ode to February- the shortest month of the year- the month of groundhogs, presidents, Martin Luther King Jr., the birth-month of one of my dearests and the month of love! Ah, L'Amour...lets not test out the waters, lets just jump right in and start making some Valentine's Day decor! I saw these over on How About Orange and thought that they would be a fun start. (Ezra has been after me since we took down the Christmas tree about when we can start making things for the next holiday....) So here is curlicue heart garland.

Cut appropriately colored paper in to 1/2" strips.

Fold in half & wrap each end towards each other with a pencil. (You can make larger ones by taping 2 strips of paper together.)
Using monofilament or thread sew through the bottom of each heart. Adhere a piece of double-sided tape to the center of the curlicue and fasten the monofilament to it so that it holds its place. Continue to the next heart repeating at 2 inch or so intervals.

Hang on doorways. Later today, we are going to make more but going through the middle of the hearts to hang them horizontally.

I tried making x's and 0's in the same way, but they just didn't turn out...the x's refused to cooperate. Maybe I will keep trying. Maybe not. I'm sure this will be the first of many V-Day projects. I heart you all.

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