Friday, January 29, 2010

Woo to You

Here is the finished product to woo my bride. Well, she isn't my bride...she is marrying somebody else, I just want her to carry something pretty down the aisle.

Roses (Amnesia), anenome, ranunculus (of course) scabiosa pods, brunia, kochia and salal leaves.

I think you can really see how pretty the roses are when they are paired with other flowers. They would be beautiful with all greens or with creams, but you know- I have a thing for dark purple.

Its Friday...woo hoo! Can you believe this is the last post for January? Speaking of which, I have hit a 100 post milestone. (I'm throwing confetti at myself and having a little champagne...don't tell the boys...Mom, I'm totally joking.) Time is the one thing in life that always shocks/surprises/(enter your own verb) me. Where does it go? I will never ever stop wondering. So goodbye January (a couple of days early) and hello February and happy weekend to you. (Woo wee.)

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