Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Blower

I saved this pretty little image from Anthropologie in hopes that it would serve us later in the season...and it has! I mean, if its going to be cold- I want a ton of snow to frolic around in!

Ask me this again at the beginning of March and I might not be quite so enthusiastic- but today I love you snow. This is what it looks like outside my office. (Lady GaGa is singing to me-although you probably can't hear her ra ra ah ah ahh rom ma rom mah mah ga ga ooh la la from where you are sitting...confession: I love the Lady GaGa...promise me you will still read my blog after knowing about this guilty pleasure of mine....) The birdbath looks like a big poofy cake waiting for a blue-jay or cardinal to come and have a piece.

I put Jamie's snow boots on to take Leo out this morning. They were by the back door- they are so big I can just slide my feet into them without struggle...and they are snugly. Mine are decidedly not. (I still just have combat boots from the early nineties that I wear in the snow, very serviceable, but not comfy nor snugly. If only my early nineties punk-rock-combat-boot-wearing self new that my current self was listening to Lady GaGa, there would probably be a big fight between us.)

Ha...Leo looks like he has a major cocaine problem.

My dog snorts that wrong? Happy snow day!

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